Web Design Edition

This Project Pack has every single template and deliverable you will need for your website design (or redesign) project.

Here’s what’s inside:
Phase 1


  • Getting started guide

    Give your clients a killer on boarding with this eBook which will introduce your client to the project. It includes sections about their role in the project, what they can expect when working together, and the project logistics.

  • Web design brief template

    A briefing template I’ve used with my clients for years. Perfectly tailored to web design projects. This brief will ensure you and your client are on the same page when the project begins.

  • Process chart

    A visual way for your clients to see your entire process – including which tasks are their responsibility and which are yours. This gives you and your client an at-a-glance reminder of your process at any stage.

  • Inspiration board

    A beautiful inspiration board template where you can display look and feel ideas for your clients. Easily insert images and colours to truly capture their style.

  • Business intake questionnaire

    A questionnaire to find out all about your clients’ business. This is a results driven questionnaire and will ensure you have all the date you need to create an effective finished product for your clients.

  • Website intake questionnaire

    A comprehensive intake questionnaire about your clients’ website and what they (and more importantly, their customers) are drawn to in terms of design.

  • Content worksheet

    A worksheet you can give to clients to help them get their content not just written — but written effectively. This worksheet will ensure your client is writing goal-based copy.

  • Content workbook

    A workbook to accompany the content worksheet which gives your clients information on how to write effective content and how to use the associated worksheet.

  • Before we begin checklist

    A handy checklist to make sure your client has given you everything you need when you start a website design project. Never look unprofessional again by needing to send out last minute requests for login details or files.

Phase 2


  • Sitemap and user flow template

    Give your clients a beautifully presented sitemap for their website. Make sure there are no hidden surprises when it comes to the flow of the website or any templates you may need.

  • Wireframe presentation

    Present wireframes for the website so you can be sure the layout and structure is correct before you start designing. All presented in an annotated presentation format.

  • Website presentation

    If you do remote presentations for deliverables, you’ll really appreciate this website presentation template. Write notes on the design and send over to clients without sitting in lengthy meetings. Or give it to them as an extra after your meeting.

  • Website style guide

    Every website should have a style guide which detailed the reusable elements of the site. From the typography, to colours, to repeatable elements like forms and buttons. Make sure when the website is updated it stays consistent.

  • Guide to giving effective feedback

    A short guide on how clients can give you effective feedback for a web design project. Includes what constitutes good feedback vs bad and guides your clients so they help, not hinder, the project.

  • Developer notes handover

    If you hand over your web design project to developers, make sure you’ve included all the functionality and notes you may need to give them. Includes all the little things you may forget, making you look awesome.

Phase 3


  • Proposal template

    A killer proposal template for your web design projects. This template has been battle tested by hundreds of freelancers. It’s not just pretty — it converts. Which is exactly what you need with a proposal.

  • Master Services Agreement

    A lawyer-approved contract to make sure you have everything in order from a legal standpoint. Not sexy, but important.

  • Statement of Work

    An official statement of work detailing the project and what’s included. Includes all the necessary information like timeline, budget, meeting schedule and more.

  • Invoice template

    What it says on the tin. An invoice template to match the rest of your documents. Give everything a cohesive, branded look making you look amazingly professional.

  • End of project questionnaire

    Every project should end with a questionnaire about how it went, any wins or results they’ve found. You can take the answers to these questions and create kick-ass testimonials for your website.

Useful info
  • All items use free fonts (we include the links to download in each pack)
  • All files are a mixture of InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop, PDF, Word and Excel
  • Consistent branding across all products — easily tweak to match your brand
  • Detailed symbols and character styles used throughout to make editing easy. Change styling once and it’ll change everywhere!

THIS IS AMAZING!!! I've just been diving into having a look at these and ohmygosh they're all incredible. It’s helping me see all the holes in my process, in particular with onboarding. I can't wait to adapt this for my retainer clients too, this is incredible!! 😍 I'm SO over the moon.

Rachel Shillcock

I received Project Pack, Web Design Edition and just wanted to say - WOW, this is incredible! I'm so excited about using these templates in my business.

Taylor Goodall

I'm sooooo excited!! I had a look over the weekend at the first batch of files, and they looked great! I was very happy when I was able to edit with Affinity Designer. While in the midst of growing my agency, I know that these files will greatly improve my on-boarding and client management process. Along with Client Portal, I will be able to manage my client projects with ease and even more professionalism. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

Elyssa Manis, NavaWeb Design