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Documents are something that every freelancer or agency knows they need but never seem to have the time to create.

And it makes sense. You’re busy RUNNING your business. And for many of you, that means you’re responsible for getting new clients, working on current projects making sure they’re on track for a timely and in-budget completion, taking client phone calls, running payroll, paying taxes… everything!

The thing is, you want to look professional in every aspect of your business but you often can’t justify the time away to spend painstakingly creating all these assets.

So I’ve done the hard work for you.

Project Pack: Beautifully written & designed documents for freelancers and agencies

Project Pack is a set of beautifully designed document templates you can use throughout your project.

What makes these templates super special is that they’re specifically designed to work immediately in your business, but they’re also battle-tested – and have been used and improved upon for over a decade.

Project Pack isn’t like every other template out there (read: barely editable and full of lorem ipsum). These templates have been created and used in real businesses for years.

The Marketing Consulting pack was way more than I expected. It's how I do business but the copy is written really well! I was thinking I would edit it, but NO, it's better than what I was using. SO MUCH VALUE! — Jason Pulliam

We're releasing a brand-new version of the Marketing Consulting edition – pre-orders are now open (ends Friday!)

After 4 years of being released, Project Pack is getting a makeover

We’re working on a new version of all packs (starting with the Marketing Consulting edition). These packs will be even more thorough, easier to edit, and even more beautifully designed.

And from Tuesday 26th until Friday 29th September (that’s this week!) you can pre-order this new version and save almost $300!

(If you've purchased the Marketing Consulting edition in the past, you get this, and every other new version completely free!)


Frequently asked questions

  • What formats will the new version be in?

    The new pack will be available in the following 3 formats:

    1. Figma
    2. Google Docs
    3. Client Portal

    Why these?

    Because, with the exception of Client Portal, they are software that everyone can use for free. This means you can buy and use Project Pack without having to make any additional purchases.

    Important note: Design-heavy templates (like inspiration boards, presentation templates etc.) will only be available in Figma. Google Docs simply doesn’t have the design flexibility needed for these kinds of templates.

  • How easy are the packs to edit?

    We put a lot of effort into making these as easy to edit as possible. Each template is designed so you can use it out of the box so amendments should be pretty minimal (aside from slight branding tweaks).

  • Do you have a refund policy?

    Because these are digital downloads, and 'returns' are not possible, we do not have a refund policy in place. Please make sure you have looked through all the details before you buy so you are confident these will work for you.

    If you would like more information to help you make your decision, or to request a sample document, please email

  • What exactly will be in the Marketing Consulting edition?

    The goal of the Marketing Consulting edition is first and foremost to sell and deliver a Roadmapping strategy session to your prospects and clients.

    Roadmapping is a data-collecting exercise where you will dig into your client's business, identify gaps where they can improve, present these in a clear document, and – crucially – sell yourself as the service provider to take on the work in a larger consulting project.

    (You basically get paid for all that work you often do for free. And then never hear back about…)

    We’ve solved the problem of not getting paid for the proposal!

    Inside this Project Pack, you’ll get everything you need to implement Roadmapping in your agency or business immediately.

    For a full list of the documents included (19 in total!), you can find more details here.

  • Will I still get access to the current version?

    Yes, you can download the current version as it is right now.

    However, we strongly recommend waiting for the new version (it really is SO much better) so you don't need to redo any work 😀

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