All the freelance documents and templates need to make your business a success.

Building a freelance business is hard. You have client work to deliver on time and on budget. You have to be continually qualifying new leads and lining new work up. Not to mention staying on top of invoices, bookkeeping, and paying The Man.

Creating a set of beautiful, branded assets to use with your clients that scream professionalism is that thing you know you need... but never quite have the time to dedicate to.

So instead, you make do with smorgasboard of templates you find online (if you even get around to doing that!).

You know it’s not the most professional way to do things but, frankly, you have more pressing things to concentrate on. That’s why we created Project Pack for you.

Project Pack is a set of beautifully designed document templates that you can use throughout your entire project.

What makes these templates super special is that they’re specifically designed to work immediately in your business, but they’re also battle tested – and have been used and improved upon for over a decade.