Coming January 2024: The brand-new Marketing Consulting edition

This Project Pack has every single template and deliverable you will need for your marketing consulting project.

Here’s what’s inside:
Phase 1


  • Roadmapping Services Guide

    A guide that you can give to your leads or add to your website to sell the roadmapping session and turn your prospects into clients.

  • Intake Questionnaire

    A questionnaire to find out all about your client's business. This is a results-driven questionnaire and will ensure you have all the data you need to create an effective finished product for your clients.

  • Getting Started Guide

    Give your clients a killer onboarding with this eBook which will introduce your client to the project. It includes sections about their role in the project, what they can expect when working together, and the project logistics.

  • Audience Research Survey

    In almost any consulting project you’ll want to research their audience. This is a questionnaire you can get your client to send out to get some useful feedback for the project.

  • Roadmapping Agenda

    This is a document you can give to your clients ahead of your roadmapping session so they know how the day will be structured.

  • How To Prepare For Roadmapping

    A checklist for your clients to ensure they show up to your roadmapping session prepared and ready to rock! Start the day on the right foot without any costly delays.

Phase 2


  • Customer Research Spreadsheet

    This is the spreadsheet template we use to collate and normalize feedback from the customer and audience surveys.

  • Customer Persona Template

    A template to showcase your clients' audience's different customer personas. You will base this on the results from your customer research.

  • Roadmapping Skeleton

    This is the exact document we use to take into our roadmapping sessions. It contains a full list of talking points and ensures that by the end of it, you’ll have a solid project direction including budget and ROI for your proposal.

  • Final Roadmapping Report

    This template will utilise all of the data we gathered in the previous data collection work along with the roadmapping session to deliver our final recommendations to the client. You can see an example of a real report we might use.

  • Website Review

    If website consulting forms a part of your project you can use this document to identify the current problem areas in a website and offer easy fixes to instantly improve it. You can add this to the previous report or use it as a standalone document.

  • Partnership Pack

    Most of our consulting projects includes setting up potential joint-venture partnerships with our clients. You can use this document as a basis for giving your clients a pack detailing all the logistics of these partnerships.

  • Client Next Steps Checklist

    We’ve found that consulting projects often have a lot of moving parts. Your clients will greatly appreciate having a solid guide as to exactly what they need to do if they decide to handle the implementation themselves.

Phase 3


  • Proposal Template

    A killer proposal template for your consulting projects. This template was used on a recent project so we know it works. It’s not just pretty — it converts. Which is exactly what you need with a proposal.

  • Meeting Agenda Template

    A template that you can use before and after every meeting with your client so everybody knows what you are going to be talking about, along with the goal and purpose of the call. Every meeting should be clear, valuable, and as efficient as possible.

  • Master Services Agreement

    A lawyer-approved contract to make sure you have everything in order from a legal standpoint. Not sexy, but important.

  • Statement Of Work

    An official statement of work detailing the project and what’s included. Includes all the necessary information like timeline, budget, meeting schedule, and more.

  • Invoice Template

    What it says on the tin. An invoice template to match the rest of your documents. Give everything a cohesive, branded look making you look amazingly professional.

  • End Of Project Questionnaire

    Every project should end with a questionnaire about how it went, and any wins or results they’ve found. You can take the answers to these questions and create kick-ass testimonials for your website.

Useful info
  • All items use free fonts (we include the links to download in each pack)
  • All files are a mixture of Figma, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and PDF
  • Includes a template to easily import the pack into Client Portal
  • Consistent branding across all products — easily tweak to match your brand
  • Detailed symbols and character styles are used throughout to make editing easy. Change the styling once and it’ll change everywhere!

This is so useful. I was able to close a deal for roadmapping on the spot using these materials.

Huzaifah Zaba

I like polished systems so this is exactly what I needed :-) It's saved a lot of time!

Claire Emerson

Grabbing a copy of Project Pack was a decision I'm very happy I made. It's saved me a bunch of time and given me a comprehensive process and the supporting documents needed to run dream projects! I love it and my clients love it too!

Luke The Designer

This pack was way more than I expected. It's how I do business but the copy is written really well! I was thinking I would edit it, but NO, it's better than what I was using. SO MUCH VALUE! Thank you.

Jason P.

I purchased the Marketing Consulting edition and immediately sent out a proposal using two of the components. It was a substantial project. I won the bid and they specifically mentioned the Getting Started Guide. So I can safely say that I am a big fan.


The Marketing Consulting edition of Project Pack gave me a really good set of deliverables that I didn't have (or even know I needed!) They gave me inspiration and a solid foundation from which I was able to fit together a nice new set for my niche.

Patrick Labbett

I love Project Pack. I've customized a template to create my own Statement of Work and use it weekly for clients. It's sooooo good.

Russ Cantu