Branding Edition

This Project Pack has every single template and deliverable you will need for your brand identity project.

Here's what's inside:
Phase 1


  • Pricing Guide
  • Intake questionnaire
  • Getting started guide
  • Process and deliverables
  • Customer avatar worksheet
  • Style questionnaire
  • Creative brief
Phase 2


  • Mood boards
  • Initial Logo Concepts
  • Logo revisions
  • Chosen logo
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand cheat sheet
  • Photography guidelines
Phase 3


  • Proposal
  • Master services agreement
  • Statement of work
  • Invoice template
  • End of project questionnaire
Useful info
  • All items use free fonts (we include the links to download in each pack)
  • All files are a mixture of InDesign, Illustrator, Sketch, PDF, Word and Google Docs.
  • Consistent branding across all products — easily tweak to match your brand
  • Detailed symbols and character styles used throughout to make editing easy. Change styling once and it’ll change everywhere!

First I want to say you guys have created an amazing package. What amazes me is the different variants you have so anyone can use it.

Chris Palma

This is freaking awesome! I love it! We're going to be building all of our processes around it.

Ed Ellingham

My very first response was HO-LY SHIT. How in the world was this only $100? You cover every single base. You've created so much work for me, because now I have to integrate every one of these documents into my processes.

Chris Donaldson